Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 Things

Last night in my weekly bible study. We were given an assignment. List 3 things you like about yourself. I should probably add the bible study is called So Long Insecurity (Beth Moore wrote the book, I HIGHLY recommend this to every woman out there, even if you don't think the few insecurities you have are impacting your life). Back to assignment though. I think its so important to really take the time and do something like this. All to often we get caught in the hype of "I dont like this", or "If I could just tone that part of my body I would be so much happier", the list goes on and on. We beat ourselves up with why can't we be smarter, funnier, sexier, you name it, it seems we'll never reach what we think we should be. How often do we compliment ourselves? It can make a world of difference to me, on nights when I'm getting ready to go out if I compliment myself first. I know it sounds silly, but I'll stand in front of the mirror when Im finished and say " Yep, I look hot. My eyes look amazing, I look super cute in this outfit, and I'm rocking these heels." Just taking the time to tell myself that builds my confidence for the night and it shows!

So sitting in class last night I started my 3 things.

1. I love my eyes. They are the one thing on my body that I never will fuss over. I love when I take the time to do my make up and am smart enough to wear the color blue and they just POP. Yep, they pop! :]

2. I love my sense of humor. I think I'm a pretty funny girl. Whether I'm being sarcastic, honest, or silly I can usually make people laugh. And if no one else laughs, I usually do anyway!

3. God has given me a gift of words. I love it. I'm able to speak into peoples lives in a gentle and honest way while really connecting with how each person will take what I'm telling them. I never used to think it was a gift, but as more and more people bring it to my attention and I've gotten older I realize it is one awesome gift!

The thing that got me last night was this. God loves all of this! I know I know. We all know God loves us unconditionally and made us special. But how often do you really stop and think " Wow Lord, I love my sense of humor and you gave it to me! You love it too!" Its such a good feeling when you actually stop and think about it :]

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